Maish's Auto Service Inc.
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Everyday driving tells you something may be going wrong with your vehicle, but you don't always know what it is. However, if your car dies or won't start, there's no doubt something has gone wrong and it's time to bring it to us for an expert diagnosis.

Honesty and reliability are our hallmarks!


Let us figure out what's going on in your car's computer that's causing that check engine light to light up. Your problem may be your emission system or it may be an issue with sensors. We can also diagnose security lockouts, as well as tire monitoring system issues.

Computer system diagnostics

When your car needs repairs, choose us. For over 40 years Maish's Auto Service, inc. has been serving the Baltimore area proudly.

Your one-stop repair shop

Figuring out what's wrong with your car and findiing the cure can be tricky. Always count on us for professional diagnostics done right.

Finding a diagnosis and a cure


Getting to the root of the problem